Centre for Migrant Research and Development (CMRD) is a research wing of BNZFS for immigration research. 

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BNZFS Volunteers

This is an initiative by BNZFS to support the community in emergencies like COVID19 Pandemic or any other natural disasters. 

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Ayojon is our yearly publication that publishes news and information about different events or activities held in the Bangladesh Community of New Zealand.

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Deshi Whisper is our monthly bilingual publication.


Radio Ektara

Radio Ektara is the only Bengali Radio program in New Zealand broadcasting in every Saturday from 6.20 pm t 7.20 pm from planet radio station at 104.6 FM band in Auckland. The program caters at around 5000 Bengali speaking people living in New Zealand and the millions around the world. It includes talk shows, interviews, news from New Zealand, Bangladesh and West Bengal, songs, dramas, community news, life in New Zealand, and many more. We are committed to promote Bangladeshi and Bengali cultures, Music, Heritage, Tourism, Sports etc. through this station. Listeners can smell the taste of Bangladesh and Bengali speaking countries by listening the radio station and BNZFS website.

It is a community radio station and medium of expressing and sharing views, thoughts, ideas, cultures, heritage, music, celebration, commemoration and different aspects of lives of small communities like Bangladeshi and or Bengali speaking communities in New Zealand with the views to blend and enrich with mainstream communities while adhering with the Broadcasting Laws.

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bangla library

BNZFS Library A group of volunteers of different backgrounds including IT specialists, librarian, students, writers, community leaders are relentlessly working for the BNZFS library.

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Bangladesh New Zealand Friendship Society (BNZFS) organizes different cultural, social and religious events for the community members.