Welcome to the official website of Bangladesh New Zealand Friendship Society (BNZFS/Society), the only online home for the Bangladeshi and Bengali speaking communities in New Zealand. 

Society’s aims are to bring together the Bangladeshi community living in New Zealand and to provide various services to them. Established in 1991, Bangladesh New Zealand Friendship Society (BNZFS/Society) is a membership-based, non-profit, charitable organization catering various services, arranging programs and activities, involving philanthropic and benevolent activities to uplift the face of Bangladeshi community in ever changing diverse multiethnic communities in New Zealand. 

The website is made for members and all public, rich in content, to resource for their knowledge and understandings about such a dynamic community organization in New Zealand who brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, culture, heritage, language, history, values and perspectives to share with the global world. Our goal is not only to promote cultural diversity rather demonstrate to contribute to enrich societies with various ingredients to make New Zealand unique. 

Please feel free to browse through the different sections of our website and do not hesitate to drop by a line to us should you require more information or if you have any comment about our organization or this web site.

BNZFS Website Team