Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put together the common questions that is asked to Bangladesh New Zealand Friendship Society for your convenience. You can contact us if you don’t get the answer you are looking for.

How can I become a member of BNZFS?

Bangladesh New Zealand Friendship Society Inc (BNZFS) is a non-profit charitable organization and accept membership by an application ONLY.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Bangladeshi citizen(s) and living in New Zealand
  • Spouse or partner of Bangladeshi citizen(s)
  • Second or successive generations of Bangladeshis people and
  • People without any criminal records

However, the Executive Committee (EC) of BNZFS will make the final decision regarding the acceptance of an applicant. Please find the membership application form in here.

What type of support BNZFS can provide to Bangladesh Community?

BNZFS has number of programs and activities to uplift the image of Bangladeshi and Bengali speaking communities in New Zealand and help them to settle in this diverse community. This is done through representing BNZFS across various local, regional, national, Govt. and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) platforms. It also connects Bangladesh and international forums where the BNZFS services deem to be necessary. Since its inception, BNZFS has been trying its best to serve the community by catering to the needs of individuals and groups for the betterment of the community at large. BNZFS also help to nurture the cultural diversity by promoting the unique culture of Bangladesh to various stakeholder groups. BNZFS has been running several programs and activities including, but not limited to Advocacy, Mentoring and Networking services, BNZFS Volunteers, publication like Deshi Whisper (a monthly bilingual newsletter) and a yearly magazine Ayojon, Radio Ektara, Bangla Library, Bengali Language School Dipshikha, Camps, Sports and Fitness programs, Women’s development programs and so on. Centre of Migrant Research and Development (CMRD), a key platform of the BNZFS, is involved in different surveys, cross-sectional studies, research, seminars, workshops, training and many other academic activities to understand the need of any services, identify the problems within the community and outside and to find the probable solutions and interventions to rectify them. Members and volunteers are mainly devoted to run these programs. BNZFS actively encourage people to participate in its programs. Please find the BNZFS’s programs and activities in here.

Can BNZFS help me to find an accommodation when I reach New Zealand?

BNZFS does not have any accommodation services at present. However, members and volunteers usually help and guide any new-comer/s to find accommodation. To find accommodation you can search Trademe.

When was BNZFS established?

BNZFS was established on 25 July 1991 as an incorporated society. Please see about BNZFS in here.